Core Values.


Our belief is that hospitality is not complicated or, at least, it does not necessarily have to be. We actively support cooperation between humans and robots, and advocate for an open, collaborative, hyper-connected industry, where humans can flourish and innovate, free from the repetitive tasks they are now obliged to perform daily.

It's not Artificial Intelligence vs. Human Intelligence, rather Artificial Intelligence + Human Intelligence.




Travel Singularity advocates for and facilitate the adoption of:

  • Open APIs / micro-service software architecture

  • IoT-enhanced hotel infrastructures

  • Smart room designing

  • Attribute-based selling

  • Neuromarketing

  • Keyless technology

  • AI-first approach

  • Real-time messaging CRM

  • Conversational marketing

  • AI-driven Webdesign

  • Augmented/Virtual reality

  • Self-check-in/out

Isaac Asimov once stated: "I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them." At Travel Singularity, we absolutely agree.